The Newmarket Inn and RBL Plympton, Nov ’17

Good morning Harmonites, comin’ atcha live from the dining room….

I started doing the ironing 5 minutes ago and then decided that updating the website would be a far better use of my time than ironing school uniforms….that and I promised to update the site after each gig and already I’ve fallen behind!

So here I am to update you on past goings on in Launceston town and Plympton!!

Well, this month we had to move our usual Saturday slot in Launceston to a Friday due to other commitments and were very pleased to be joined by several of our usual amazing Launceston Harmonites! Dan Gannon, as ever, was full of energy, busting several moves on the dance floor and entertaining the crowd! He had Gwen, Mike, Lauren and Dawn in stitches and, being professional, we tried to keep a straight face but it was impossible! A lot of fun all round! Thanks Dan Gannon! Jo had made a start on the Christmas decorations too, well done that girl! Tinsel all around, can’t wait to see it all finished when we head back in December.

Then last Saturday, we nipped over to RBL Plympton. Now, I have recently been bitten by the shopping bug and have acquired a few new outfits for each gig (you may have noticed). It just turns out that the dress I wore to Launceston was torn in several places when we arrived at the gig 🙁 . I was gutted as it was a new dress (surprise) so decided to take it back to the shop the next day. They very kindly agreed to let me swap it for another dress and so, I ended uo with the sparkly number I wore to Plympton.

No tearing of this dress, it just scratched the hell out of my arms! The things I do for gigs! COMMITMENT!

Anyhoo, I’m gonna have to find some arm protectors next time I brave that dress… they exist?!

Don’t forget guys, we have a busy line up this weekend. You can find us at the Sportsman’s in Ivybridge on Saturday and at the Walrus on Sunday. Come and ‘Live it up’.

I shall now leave you with some pictures from Plympton and dress number 2…..

Donna and Andy xplympton-3 plympton-4


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