Halloween ’17

Hey there Harmonites! Halloween updates comin’ atcha

So, normally I’m not one to get overly involved with Halloween but mainly thanks to my 5 year old, we’ve been swept up by everything haunted and spooky for the last couple of years….oh and obviously we have to trick or treat! Pretty sure we still have sweets left over from 2016…..

However, if there is a chance for me to buy a new fancy dress costume, I’m there 🙂

So, a few weeks ago I was sent a photo of Andy’s plan for his Halloween costume and immediately I was in hysterics. The costume had been suggested to him by Emma as it was something she had spare from a past Halloween party and Andy wasn’t sure. After a lot of begging he agreed to brave it and I hit eBay looking for a suitable costume for myself. We were heading for the Walrus Halloween Party and we knew that we had to be dressed to impress.

We arrived Saturday night and were welcomed by the fab bar staff all embracing the Halloween vibe with fantastic costumes and makeup – all expertly done by Becca. The Walrus had had a makeover too with cobwebs hanging in every corner and spooky ghosts and figures hanging from the ceiling. When we made it over to the stage area we met some new scary friends to share the stage with who sang along and moved to the music (check out the pictures in the gallery!)

The Walrus was packed and it was great to see so many people there enjoying the Halloween atmosphere. Once again, an amazing night and my best moment of the night was witnessing Andy’s arrival in his pumpkin costume!

Thanks for joining us Harmonites, and we may see you in Launceston on Friday

Andy and Donna x

Follow the link to our Halloween gallery (many thanks to Emma Sanders and Jennie Nicholson for permission to use their pictures)


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