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Ethan’s Memorial Black Tie Dinner

Hey there Harmonites!

Just a quick post to let you know that this Saturday 24th March we are thrilled to be involved with the annual Memorial Dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel raising money for Children’s Hospice South West. This is a wonderful event that we are very proud to be a part of. If you would like to join us please do book your place as soon as you can.


Andy and Donna x

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Harmonites! Comin’ atcha live from 2018!

Wow what a busy few weeks we have had culminating in an amazing night at the Sportsman’s Inn, Ivybridge seeing in the New Year. We were very excited to get the chance to dress up again, this time as literary characters. Take a look at the picture and click on the video link (dancing-queen) to see what we decided on wearing. The Sportsman’s put on a fabulous three course meal and there were plenty of whistles and noisemakers to really kickstart the party mood. We really did all have an amazing night, thanks so much to the staff there for taking very good care of us.

As you will be able to see if you take a look at our Gig page, we have another busy year to look forward to. Almost all our Saturdays are booked up already and we are really pleased to have been booked by a few new venues. Make sure, if you are thinking of booking us for your event or you know of a venue looking for something new, that you get in touch. You can contact us through the website, e-mail, Facebook, phone….the opportunities are endless!

Our first gig of 2018 was at Plymstock Bowling Club and we were thrilled to be a part of club member Sheila’s 80th birthday party. We have never seen such a packed dance floor! A fantastic atmosphere and an incredibly fun gig, thanks for having us and Happy Birthday Sheila! We will see you guys again soon in March.

We are off to Raffles next weekend and what will be a double celebration for us as our lovely Emma will be enjoying her own birthday drinkies! Can’t wait!

See you soon, Harmonites. Make sure you’ve added those gigs to your online calendars! 🙂


NYE video – dancing-queen new-years-eve-17


The Royal Oak on 02/06/18

A busy weekend and a little announcement….

Hey there Harmonites!

We have had such a busy weekend of gigs which is just how we like it! Saturday we were at our New Years venue – The Sportsman’s Inn, Ivybridge and Sunday we were back at our Halloween venue – The Walrus!

So on Saturday it was great to head over to Ivybridge and check out the newly revamped Sportsman’s Inn. What a change since last time we were there, the place is looking absolutely fabulous! Definitely worth a visit if you fancy a meal guys and a great place to book a Christmas party if you haven’t done so already! It was great to see so many people there enjoying the cosy atmosphere and the music. That dance floor was full and hopefully we will be seeing you all again at our New Year’s party….expect more details here very soon….

Then we headed over to The Walrus in town and straight away bumped into many familiar faces. Another great night with Karen G and the usual fab Sunday Club. We had a great chat with some people in our break who were thrilled to have discovered The Walrus and hear some 80s tunes!! Thanks to all who came along for a dance!

So….little announcement time….

For those dedicated Harmonites who put up with our relentless live videos on Facebook, you will have been waiting to hear the news of our most recent merchandising which will be available to purchase RIGHT NOW!

Drum roll please (Click on the question mark to see for yourself!)


Definitely worth the wait!!

Remember you can check out all our merchandising at

Next weekend is a weekend off so be sure to check out our gig page to see what we are up to over December. Plenty of opportunities to join us at a venue near you!


The Newmarket Inn and RBL Plympton, Nov ’17

Good morning Harmonites, comin’ atcha live from the dining room….

I started doing the ironing 5 minutes ago and then decided that updating the website would be a far better use of my time than ironing school uniforms….that and I promised to update the site after each gig and already I’ve fallen behind!

So here I am to update you on past goings on in Launceston town and Plympton!!

Well, this month we had to move our usual Saturday slot in Launceston to a Friday due to other commitments and were very pleased to be joined by several of our usual amazing Launceston Harmonites! Dan Gannon, as ever, was full of energy, busting several moves on the dance floor and entertaining the crowd! He had Gwen, Mike, Lauren and Dawn in stitches and, being professional, we tried to keep a straight face but it was impossible! A lot of fun all round! Thanks Dan Gannon! Jo had made a start on the Christmas decorations too, well done that girl! Tinsel all around, can’t wait to see it all finished when we head back in December.

Then last Saturday, we nipped over to RBL Plympton. Now, I have recently been bitten by the shopping bug and have acquired a few new outfits for each gig (you may have noticed). It just turns out that the dress I wore to Launceston was torn in several places when we arrived at the gig 🙁 . I was gutted as it was a new dress (surprise) so decided to take it back to the shop the next day. They very kindly agreed to let me swap it for another dress and so, I ended uo with the sparkly number I wore to Plympton.

No tearing of this dress, it just scratched the hell out of my arms! The things I do for gigs! COMMITMENT!

Anyhoo, I’m gonna have to find some arm protectors next time I brave that dress… they exist?!

Don’t forget guys, we have a busy line up this weekend. You can find us at the Sportsman’s in Ivybridge on Saturday and at the Walrus on Sunday. Come and ‘Live it up’.

I shall now leave you with some pictures from Plympton and dress number 2…..

Donna and Andy xplympton-3 plympton-4


Halloween ’17

Hey there Harmonites! Halloween updates comin’ atcha

So, normally I’m not one to get overly involved with Halloween but mainly thanks to my 5 year old, we’ve been swept up by everything haunted and spooky for the last couple of years….oh and obviously we have to trick or treat! Pretty sure we still have sweets left over from 2016…..

However, if there is a chance for me to buy a new fancy dress costume, I’m there 🙂

So, a few weeks ago I was sent a photo of Andy’s plan for his Halloween costume and immediately I was in hysterics. The costume had been suggested to him by Emma as it was something she had spare from a past Halloween party and Andy wasn’t sure. After a lot of begging he agreed to brave it and I hit eBay looking for a suitable costume for myself. We were heading for the Walrus Halloween Party and we knew that we had to be dressed to impress.

We arrived Saturday night and were welcomed by the fab bar staff all embracing the Halloween vibe with fantastic costumes and makeup – all expertly done by Becca. The Walrus had had a makeover too with cobwebs hanging in every corner and spooky ghosts and figures hanging from the ceiling. When we made it over to the stage area we met some new scary friends to share the stage with who sang along and moved to the music (check out the pictures in the gallery!)

The Walrus was packed and it was great to see so many people there enjoying the Halloween atmosphere. Once again, an amazing night and my best moment of the night was witnessing Andy’s arrival in his pumpkin costume!

Thanks for joining us Harmonites, and we may see you in Launceston on Friday

Andy and Donna x

Follow the link to our Halloween gallery (many thanks to Emma Sanders and Jennie Nicholson for permission to use their pictures)


Happy Thursday, Harmonites!

Hey there Harmonites!

Thought I’d take the opportunity to write a new post for the website as I have been hit by the dreaded lurgy and am going slowly crazy sitting still all day (not like me at all!) I would much prefer being out and about but there we go….must be fit and well for our exciting gig this coming Saturday!

Why do I get ill at half term?

So this Saturday we would love you to join us for our big Halloween gig at The Walrus. We will be comin’ atcha live from 9pm in our very finest fancy dress. Now, a LOT of thought, time and effort has gone into preparing these outfits so don’t miss your chance to see for yourself!! In fact, I shall leave a few clues as to Donna’s nail ideas and outfit on here (exclusively on the website only!)

So throw on your finest and spookiest fancy dress, plus your dancing shoes and join us at The Walrus this Saturday 28th October from 9pm!halloween nails-2halloween-dress nails-1



The Royal Oak and Compton Social Club 20/21 Oct

Well Harmonites, it has been another busy weekend!

On Friday we were thrilled to be a part of a very special occasion being celebrated at the Royal Oak, Hooe. Martin and Fran were celebrating their silver wedding anniversary and what a great night! Shoes were literally being kicked off as people took to the dance floor. It was lovely to receive a message the following day from the happy couple. We are so glad you had such a great evening.

Then, on Saturday we were at Compton Social Club; another very fun and lively night! Thanks to all who came along for a dance and also for the lovely comments from people at the end of the evening. We really do appreciate all of your kind comments in person at our gigs and on our social media pages.

Next up, the big Halloween gig at the Walrus. Really looking forward to seeing all the spooky costumes! Make sure you join us and that you come dressed  to impress!comptonhalloween

Raffles and The Walrus 14/10/17 and 15/10/17

Hey there Hamonites!

Well it’s been a fun-packed weekend with two gigs at Raffles and The Walrus.

We were very excited to join the celebrations at Raffles for Ed’s birthday. An incredible crowd and we hope Ed had an amazing time!

Then onto Sunday club at the Walrus. It was great to see so many familiar faces and we are really looking forward to the Halloween celebrations there on the 28th! You may also like to know that Andy has an awesome idea for a costume (thanks to a little encouragement from Emma :D) Make sure you join us for the costume unveiling IT WILL TOTALLY BE WORTH IT!

In other news, the official calendar for 2018 is being printed as we speak! Yes, you can now buy your new calendar just in time for the new gig year. You won’t have to miss a single gig! Take a look at the merchandise area on our facebook page for more info

Thanks for all the support this year Harmonites and hopefully we will see you at The Royal Oak, Hooe on Friday or at the Compton Social Club on Saturday 🙂

Donna and Andy ximg_5529 fullsizerender1

March Dates

Hey there Harmonites!

Well what a packed March it has been. For those of you who have been in touch on Facebook you will have seen all that we have been up to. We started March with a bang at the Newmarket Inn, Launceston which, as always, was a brilliant night! Our lovely Launceston Harmonites didn’t let us down and it was great to see so many familiar faces.

The following week we were back at the Plymstock Inn performing to a great crowd and also joined many wonderful supporters at the Holiday Inn raising money for Children’s Hospice South West. We were incredibly proud and pleased to have played our part on the evening and a huge amount of money was raised.

Then last night we were at the Walrus which was full to the brim with fantastic singers, dancers and many, many birthdays! We hope everyone had a great time celebrating.

To finish off March you can join us for our debut at The Kings Arms in Oreston on the 25th and finally at the Walrus on the 26th.

Remember, you can always keep up to date with everything that we are doing on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) or simply access the website. Hope to see you all soon!

Facebook: @NaturalHarmonyMusic           Instagram: @naturalharmonymusic

Twitter: @naturalharmony2

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