A Belated Happy New Year to you all!

Hi there Harmonites!

Well….officially useless at posting my blog updates (last one was in NOVEMBER!!!) So will make up for it now!

We had an awesome December, Christmas and New Year for gigs appearing at our usual haunts: The Walrus, The Sportsmans Inn, The Newmarket Inn, Hillhead Caravan Site and the Royal British Legion in Plympton. We entertained some brilliant Christmas parties and were feeling very festive throughout the month!

Then we got busy designing the 2017 Natural Harmony calendar and started filling in the years’ bookings. Woah! 2017 is a busy year for us!

We have a new venue in the Post Office Inn at Plympton and performed our debut there in January. We are pleased to say we have been asked back to perform on a couple of Fridays through the year so make sure that you keep your eyes firmly on our gig list or even download the calendar to your phone. img_5925img_5781



We have also recently booked a few more gigs at the Plymstock Bowling Club – members only so get signing up!

We now seem to have begun our own merchandising business so if you are looking for Natural Harmony merchandise then check out the “Services” on our Facebook site facebook.com/naturalharmonymusic.

So we hope to see you at The Walrus on the 27th January or at The Newmarket Inn, Launceston on the 28th. Both fantastic venues, you’re always sure of a great night out.